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The pain that sufferers of whiplash feel can be immense. Not everyone understands this or just how long the pain can last for too. Here at Whiplash Compensation Claims we do know that, and more importantly, how to get you on your road to recovery too.

Over the years, countless people have been helped by the team here at Whiplash Compensation Claims. Whiplash Compensation Claims only work with solicitors who work on a no win no fee basis. This is because we believe in justice for all, and the piece of mind for our clients knowing that whatever the outcome it will cost them nothing.

"Thank you so much Whiplash Compensation Claims. The £3840 you won me for my whiplash compensation claim has helped me move on with my life, and there were no fees to pay too…superb!."
- Mrs. R, Suffolk

Making a whiplash compensation claim with us could not be simpler. We explain every step of the process in plain english, and can guide you through everything from the comfort of your own home. Let Whiplash Compensation Claims fight for you to get you the highest settlement in the quickest time.

The process in three easy steps…

1…Contact Whiplash Compensation Claims on the telephone or through the web forms

2Whiplash Compensation Claim's solicitors get to work, trying to secure you the highest possible amount

3…You receive a cheque from Whiplash Compensation Claims!

Put your confidence in the team here at Whiplash Compensation Claims and we won't let you down. Our knowledge and experience means you are sure to be in safe hands.

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