We are all aware that whiplash causes neck pain, but it is less well known that sufferers often feel upper and lower back pain as well. For the sufferers it can be a painful and uncomfortable experience.

So how common is back pain with whiplash? Some studies in America put the incidences of it at between 25% and 50% of whiplash sufferers. Whatever the figure, it is fair to say it is not as common as the neck pain which is synonymous with such injuries.

How is back pain sustained with a whiplash injury?

A whiplash injury occurs when a collision forces a person's head to move in a whipping motion, first backwards then forwards. This causes the muscles in the neck surrounding the spine to over-extend, producing tissue damage and pain.

Car Crash Whiplash

Because of the length of the spine, this movement can affect muscles in the back too, although less severely. This is because the neck and shoulders take the brunt of the damage due to the proximity of the head/whip movement.

Back pain from whiplash can be treated by heat/ice packs and over the counter painkillers. However, all cases/suspected cases of whiplash should be examined by a medical professional, and their guidance followed for treatment and recovery.

Back pain and whiplash compensation

Suffering back pain with a whiplash injury may affect the amount of compensation awarded to you in a compensation claim. Back pain is usually extremely debilitating, meaning time off work may be necessary, and you may have suffered financially as a result.

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