Despite many successful attempts at improving road safety, car crashes are still a common sight on UK roads. There are over 140,000 people injured in car accidents in Great Britain every year, with whiplash being by far the most common injury sustained. Up to 66% of people injured in car crashes had suffered whiplash to some degree or another.

Why is whiplash so common in car accidents?

Whiplash is a common injury in car accidents due to the frequency of rear-end collisions. A collision where the front of one car goes into the back of another often causes whiplash due to the forces placed on the neck. A rear end car crash first jolts the neck backwards before snapping it forwards again at high speed.

Car Crash Whiplash

This hyperextension and hyperflexion motion strains the neck muscles and causes the whiplash injury. Like any muscle strain it may not be apparent immediately, and may take up to 72 hours for the symptoms to appear.

Can I reduce my chances of getting whiplash?

The chances of suffering a serious whiplash injury in a car crash can be reduced by setting the car's head-restraint into the correct position, level with the head. Keeping the head close to the restraint can stop the hyperextension of the neck in the accident impact. However, a whiplash injury can still be obtained despite using the head restraint correctly, and your compensation claim will not be affected if you don't.

Claiming compensation

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