Anyone who has suffered a whiplash injury will tell you that it is a deeply painful and uncomfortable injury. Thousands of people suffer whiplash in the UK every week, but how long does it take to recover?

What is the average whiplash recovery time?

Although a whiplash injury can initially be very painful, the chances of a complete recovery are actually very good. Whiplash that causes minor damage to the neck tissue and ligaments can clear up in as little as a few weeks. Most whiplash injuries recover within three months, with studies stating that the average time to recover is just over one month.

Whiplash Recovery Time

In some rare cases – estimated to be between 10 and 15 percent – of whiplash, the effects can take over 12 months to heal. These cases of chronic whiplash vary considerably in the amount of time it takes to heal, with some sufferers afflicted for years with pain and other symptoms.

Claiming compensation

The length of recovery time affects the amount of compensation that is awarded for whiplash clients. By trusting the experts at Whiplash Compensation Claims, you can get the maximum compensation available. For your piece of mind we operate on a no win no fee basis.

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