When someone is involved in a car crash and suffers whiplash, we all automatically assume that the only symptom they have is neck pain. However, shoulder pain caused by whiplash is surprisingly common too.

Just how common whiplash shoulder pain is has been the subject of surveys in recent times. These suggest that over 20% of whiplash sufferers develop shoulder pain too. This pain can be just as incapacitating as any neck pain felt.

What does it feel like?

Although neck pain is the dominant indicator of whiplash, shoulder pain is frequent too. The neck takes the burden of the impact due to the extended movement it can sustain. The shoulders can also suffer injury due to the forces in the impact and the tensing of the muscles in the region.

Shoulder pain whiplash

The pain usually covers the shoulder blade areas, and can also sometimes spread down onto the arms. The pain is often accompanied by a pins and needles feeling, and can often hamper movement too.

Many sufferers of shoulder pain whiplash find difficulty in raising their arms over their head, until the injury recovers. This can obviously have an effect on the person's ability to temporarily perform everyday tasks, or go to work. A compensation claim can retrieve back lost earnings on top of any compensation awarded for the injury.

Compensation claims

Shoulder pain and the effect it has had on your life will be taken into account when making a whiplash compensation claim. The Whiplash Compensation Claims team know and understand this.

If you need to claim compensation for whiplash and shoulder pain, then look no further. Our team is experienced and can get you the maximum amount available.

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